Telescopic Contact Lens Lets You Zoom In 3X

     There have been some exciting developments about contact lenses of late. Scientists have been successful in designing smart lenses which can monitor glucose levels of diabetes patients. Even Google took interest and announced the creation of a set of contact lenses that have an in-built camera. Now, The Switzerland-based researchers are now designing magnifying contact lenses which are capable of zooming only using a wink.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology revealed the new concept in California at the American Association of the Advancement of Science meeting. The visual aid comprises smart glasses and a set of telescopic lenses. This set-up can tell apart winks and blinks which account for normal and zoomed vision. These are said to be helpful for people who are visually impaired.

These lenses are made-up of rigid material which makes them seem slightly larger than the usual ones as they cover the white region of the eye. Aluminium mirrors inside the 1.55 mm wide lenses reflect light and magnify the image by about 2.8 times its size. As the user winks, the signal is blocked upon which a polarized filter guides all the light in the direction of the telescopic portion. Regaining normal vision requires winking the left eye.

The telescopes within the lenses were initially funded by DARPA which were to be used as slim cameras with their aerial drones.Later, they were transformed into vision enhancing system. The initial models limited the amount of air reaching the eye so they could only be worn for short periods.

Although the team behind the system has made many major improvements since the first versions, it hasn't been tested in humans and the amount of time they can be worn is still restricted, so it will unfortunately be a while before we see them on the market.

We hope to see the product available in the markets as soon as possible. This technology will pull the human evolution into a new era. "Bionic humans" with far reaching capabilities.

Amazing Transformation van into a small living area

     Closest thing to a transformer we can get… and actually buy. Sure, it’s not as awesome as a semi-truck at first glance, but that makes the transformation of this humble van that much cooler.

Since the 70’s, VW van has lost its appeal, but this is the VW’s ticket for the future. Just like the original, it tends to people who are free spirited and longing for the great outdoors, but it’s designed for the age of world wide web, iEverything and composite alloys.

See what happens when you push one button on this thing. It's unbelievable that how they managed to cram all those things inside.

Skeletons Hug, Kiss, And Dance Before A Crowd. When They Step Out From The Screen? I’m Smiling

Imagine a world where we accept every, gender, sex, race, and religion. We can love with out sharing the same ideals. love is love, the on going topic of this perspective is, we can accept each other as individuals if we truly want peace. If we all believe love exist, it can.

What it all comes down to is love. Not judgement based on looks or appearances, just love. While our judgement can be so ingrained within us, whether it be skin color, ethnicity or age, love will conquer all as it simply does not know prejudice.

"The future technology involved over here is the screen that displays human as skeleton."

Watch how it can become so much easier to love when you take away all of those outer appearance prejudices.

Dutch Company Powers Streetlights With Living Plants

     Over the past year, there has been a sudden boom from green technology companies to innovate ways to power cities never before thought of.

Now, there are reports of a new green method to provide power for people, which if utilized correctly, can replace present-day energy companies. This was discovered by a Dutch company that found a way to harvest electricity coming from the most unlikely of sources: plants.

A Dutch company harnessed electricity from living plants, and then used it to power cell phone chargers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and now over 300 LED streetlights in two different places in the Netherlands. Plant-e as it is called debuted its “starry sky” project in November of last year.

Researchers have been looking for ways to generate electricity basically out of thin air. The founders sat down, looked at the world, and asked themselves where could we harness energy to be used by humans? Then they found it in the by-product of photosynthesis in plants.

The co-founder of Plant-e believes that the new technology is revolutionary. By using plants to generate electricity brings a clean and new energy option to the table, and even better the company plans to expand this technology to wetlands and rice paddies where the electricity can be generated on a wider scale. This invention could mean power could be brought even to the poorest cities!

However, Plant-e’s way of providing power through plants is interesting but not practical to use, especially in the United States and Japan, countries that use a monumental amount of electricity. Presently, Plant-e and other green technology companies like them are researching if it is possible to get around this situation.