Apple 'deeply offended' by probe into suppliers' work conditions

Apple has said that the company is "deeply offended" by BBC's investigation into workers' conditions in Chinese factories involved in manufacturing its devices.

According to BBC, senior Apple executive Jeff Williams said that Apple is trying to improve the conditions of the workers and that he did not know of any other company that is doing as much as Apple.

Filming on an iPhone 6 production line by the BBC showed that Apple's promises to protect workers were "routinely broken".

The report said that standards on workers' hours, ID cards, dormitories, work meetings and juvenile workers were being breached at the Pegatron factories. 

Exhausted workers were filmed falling asleep during their 12-hour shifts. An undercover reporter, working in a factory, had to work for 18 days in a row despite repeated requests for a day off.
 source : The Times of India