Apple has sent out its initial automatic security update for Mac PCs as experts warn about latest bugs.

Previously Apple has launched security patches via its regular program update structure which needs user approval.

The new bugs were so harsh it felt it required to get customers saved quickly, the company said.

“The new update is seamless. It does not even need a restart,” Bill Evans (Apple spokesman) told Returns.

The Mac bugs were point out in security bulletins issued end week by the Carnegie Mellon University and Department of Homeland security.

It indentified dozens of technology firms, including Apple, where items might be vulnerable.

The vulnerability hits a component of its OS X OS known as the network time protocol which is used for synchronishing clocks on PC systems
The protocol is an international idea of synchronising time over a set-up and has previously been spread by hackers.

MS has been offering mechanical improvements for security errors for some time.

Apple made technology for mechanical pushing out security improvements 2 years ago but has never previously used it.

The company said it did not understand of any cases where hackers had spread the bug.