Facebook India user base crosses 112 million

Growing internet penetration and a large youth population has helped world's largest social network platform Facebook expand its userbase in India to 112 million — the second largest after the US.

US-based Facebook, which had about 100 million users in April this year, saw its monthly active users (MAUs) base touching 112 million at the end of September. The number of daily active users (DAUs) from India now stands at 52 million.

Globally, the company has 1.35 billion users, while the number of daily active users now stands at 864 million.

India has the largest user base outside of the US for Facebook.

Interestingly, of the 112 million userbase in India, about 99 million users are using the platform through their mobile phones at least once a month.

About 45 million users in India are using their mobile phones every day to connect with their friends on Facebook.