Google+ Can Now Automatically Make Your Videos Look Better

For almost two years now, Google has been automatically enhancing the photos you upload to Google+; starting today it will do (almost) the same with videos, too.
It won’t do this automatically, though. Instead, whenever Google now thinks it can improve a video you upload, a banner will appear in the Google+ web app that asks you if you want to preview the potential changes. You can also opt to apply these automatic enhancements to any other video you upload to Google+ Photos (either directly or through Auto Backup) on a case-by-case basis.
As Google engineer Tim St. Clair writes today, the new Google+ feature will be able to automatically enhance lighting, color and stability. Coming soon, it’ll also enhance speech in videos.
The new feature is now available in Google+ on Mac, Windows and ChromeOS (you can find it behind the ‘More’ menu, as well as in the Google+ Photos app.