Google's 'year in search' reveals Robin Williams' death was top global trend in 2014

Google's 'year in search' 2014 has revealed that the top global trending search was the story of Robin Williams' death, followed by the World Cup and Ebola.

It was also found that the searches for depression tests and mental health increased in the wake of Williams' death, the Verge reported.

While the lost Malaysian Airlines  plane  MH370 was one of the top searches, for example, Google was able to parse that "mh370 found" was searched far more often than "mh370 lost."

Among the global top 10, tech hardware, which made up a good portion in 2013's list, was for some reason missing in the 2014's search list.

More of the year's biggest global searches included supremely viral hits; like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Flappy Bird, as well as the biggest global news stories, like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the Winter Olympics in Sochi.