Installing WhatsApp on Android Tablets That Don’t Support SIM Card

Its fine if your device doesn’t support SIM card, but it MUST be able to access Internet via using Wi-Fi or cable. Obviously if you can’t even access internet from your device, there is no point of installing WhatsApp without SIM on it because WhatsApp uses internet to send and receive files and messages.
You should also have a mobile phone number that is currently not registered on WhatsApp. You can use any old phone for this purpose. The only requirement is that it should be able to receive a SMS. This phone number will be used only to configure WhatsApp on your device that doesn’t have a SIM card.
Now we are ready to setup WhatsApp without SIM card. First connect your device to internet. Now go to the official WhatsApp Messenger download page and download it on your device. Install it after downloading it on your device.
Once the installation of WhatsApp is complete, start the app. You will see the WhatsApp welcome screen where it will ask you to agree to its Terms and Conditions. Just click on the ‘Agree and Continue’ button to agree and proceed.
On the next screen, WhatsApp will ask you for your phone number for verification. Here, enter the phone number of your mobile that is not registered on WhatsApp and click OK. Now the verification will fail but you will receive a verification code on your mobile phone. Just enter this verification code to verify.
Note that it will take about 10 minutes to get the verification message on your mobile phone. So be patient. If you don’t get the SMS from WhatsApp in 15 minutes, simply click on ‘Call Me’ to get a call with verification code and verify using it.
That’s it. The hard part is done. Now on the next screen, enter the name your want to display and start using WhatsApp without SIM instantly.
At the time of writing, you need to verify WhatsApp only once. So once your start using WhatsApp without SIM on your device, you don’t have to worry about the phone number you used to verify. Once verified, you can use WhatsApp Messenger forever!