Password Protect Folders in Windows Phone 8 with Folders App

Folders App for Windows Phone 8.1 is a beautiful file manager which does feature lots of options. The app has now been updated with new UI and host of new features. Folders is a featured file manager app for Windows Phone Store. It is the most secure, easy to use and professional file manager, with a simple, fresh and beautiful UI.

The new version of the app offers password protection for your folders which is an impressive feature along with the new UI as well.
Using the app you can do copy, paste, move and all the basic file operations.
New features in the app :
  • Fresh new UI
  • Thumbnail view. You can choose to see items in thumbnail view or detail view. In thumbnil view video and music files are distinguished by a playback button.
  • Search
  • WiFi file transfer, share your files with other connected devices to your WiFi network, easy and fast.
  • Folder items count.
  • Copy big files easily on your phone
  • More sort options
  • Image viewer with pinch and zoom and slide to move.
  • Custom password setup for the secure folder.
  • Play a music folder directly with QuickPlay, with background playback and skip support.
  • Fast navigation between folders.
  • Various other bug fixes, UI improvements and functions.
  • Encrypted and hidden folder is now available in free version.
  • Overall, Folders app is a feature rich file management tool for Windows Phone.