Samsung to make 20% faster chips for next gen IPhones

Recently reports surfaced claiming the production of 14nm chips but the client was unknown now a sample of the chip has reached apple for analysis and this confirms that the chips will be made for apple.

Samsung won the contract to make the A9 chips for next gen iphone. it has been doing so since the first iphone in 2007. the current iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus runs A8 chip which has 20nm architecture and is already efficient than A7. the new A7 chip will be made on 14nm architecture and use the FinFET, 3D chip design which operates at a very low voltage and consume much less space this could mean decrease in power consumption and improved battery life it expected to boost up the performance by 20% with 35% reduction in power consumption and are 15% smaller as compared to 20 nm chip. the production will be done in Samsung’s plant in Texas.